We Offer Grooming!

Our part-time groomer, Terri, works Tuesday through Saturday by appointments only. Terri has over 10 years of experience. Below are a few before and after pictures of a few of her regular clients. Because she works by herself you may have to leave a message for her to call you back.



For your pet’s health and well-being, we do require your pet to be current on his/her vaccines to be groomed. If your pet was vaccinated elsewhere, please be sure to bring his/her vaccine history with you the morning of your appointment. Below are the vaccine requirements:

  • Dogs – RV, DHPP, KCV
  • Cats – RV, CVRC


Mini Groom for Dogs:

A Mini Groom for Dogs includes a sanitary shave, trimming between the pads, pulling & cleaning ears, light face trim, anal glands, nail trim, bath, blow dry and brush.

Full Groom for Dogs:

A Full Groom for Dogs includes hair cut with sanitary shave, pulling & cleaning ears, anal glands, bath, blow dry, brushing out mats, trimming between the pads and nail trim.

Mini Groom for Cats:

A Mini Groom for Cats includes cleaning the ears, bath, blow dry, brush, sanitary shave and nail trim if requested.

Full Groom for Cats:

A Full Groom for Cats includes cleaning the ears, bath, blow dry, brush, hair cut, sanitary shave and nail trim if requested.

We cannot handle any dogs over 100lbs.

Grooming prices are estimates only. All prices are subject to change depending on the condition of your pet’s coat. The actual charge cannot be determined until the groomer examines your pet(s)

We reserve the right to refuse service to vicious animals.

Breed Mini Groom Price Full Groom Price
Cats $38+ $66+
Bichon $38+ $56+
Cairn Terrier $38+ $56+
Cavalier King Charles $38+ $56+
Chihuahua Long Hair $38+ $56+
Cock-a-poo $38+ $56+
Cocker Spaniel $40+ $58+
Diaschund Long Hair $38+ $56+
Lhasa Apso $38+ $56+
Maltese $38+ $56+
Papillon $38+ $56+
Pekinese $38+ $56+
Peke-a-poo $38+ $56+
Pomeranian $46+ $56+
Poodle Toy/Mini $38+ $56+
Schnauzer $38+ $56+
Sheltie $46+ $56+
Shih Tzu $38+ $56+
Westie $38+ $56+
Yorkie $38+ $56+

Note: Grooms for large breed dogs can vary greatly depending on coat condition, owner expectations, and the size of your dog. In most cases the groomer can give you an estimate over the phone.

Bath and Nail Trim Only Prices:

Animal Type Price
Cats By Quote Only – Please Call
Medium/Long Hair Dogs By Quote Only – Please Call
Short Hair Dogs 1-25lbs $26+
Short Hair Dogs 26-50lbs $30+
Short Hair Dogs 51-75lbs $36+
Short Hair Dogs 76-100lbs $46+

Medicated Bath: Add $5 to prices above

Nail Trim Only: $16.50

Prices are subject to change. Please call us at 770-887-1565 to confirm these prices.


We see patients for anything that can be handled on an outpatient basis, such as routine testing, vaccinations, worming, minor illnesses or injuries. If a patient requires hospitalization, intensive care, extensive diagnostic procedures, or complex surgery, we may refer you to a larger hospital that has the equipment, facilities, and staff to give these cases the attention and care they deserve. Specializing in this way is part of what allows us to keep our overhead cost down and our prices low. We work by appointment only, and are not equipped to handle walk-ins or emergencies. If you have an emergency, please contact an emergency clinic closest to you.  The emergency clinics closest to us are: All Pets in Alpharetta at 678-366-2125, or An-Emerg in Gainesville at 770-534-2911. Please be aware that we do not accept checks, American Express, Care Credit or run open accounts. Payment is due at the time of your services.