Pet Guide: Cat Claw Trimming

Looking for an easy guide to Cat Claw trimming? Look no further…

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Cat Claw Trimming

Follow the guide below for easy cat claw trimming:

Step 1. Cat’s claws are kept in a sheath inside the toe until they need them. It’s a good idea to get your kitty used to having its feet handled.

Step 2. To expose the claw, hold the paw (supporting it firmly on the bottom). Then, with each toe, press firmly and push forward slightly. The claw will extend. Hold it in that position.

Step 3. Now look at the nail. The vein (quick) will be pink and the rest of the nail clear. The clear part can go. Slip the claw into your clippers stopping just below the quick. Snip and you’re done.

Step 4. It’s better to be too far out than too close since you can always go back and snip a little more.

Step 5. Support the paw, extend the claw, locate the vein, slide claw into clipper and snip! It’s the same for each toe.

Step 6. There .. claws trimmed! Kitty and furniture all safe. So now, make it an enjoyable time by giving your kitty a treat and lots of praise.

This is a copy-right protected document. Individuals may print out one copy to use as a guide when
doing their own pet’s claws. If you wish to use it for any other reason, you’ll need to contact Dr. Tracy Land first.

For claw trimmers, we recommend the below:

Bencmate Trimmers

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Shiny Pet – Pet Nail Clippers

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