Current Flea & Tick Product Recommendations ** Updated 3-13-17 **

Fleas & Ticks

Updated 3-13-17

  • We all know that fleabites hurt and itch. Imagine having poison ivy and being unable to do anything to relieve the itching. It just isn’t humane to let your pets suffer from fleas.
  • Fleas & ticks cause & carry many diseases: skin & ear problems, tapeworms, anemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and even the Plague. Many can be transmitted to people.
  • There are many effective, environmentally safe, and easy to use flea control products.
  • We are beginning to see some resistance to these products. Deciding which product to use is complicated.  A product that works great for one family may not for another. One that fails for you may work great for someone else.
  • Ticks are becoming highly resistant. Most products now available yield disappointing results
  • To assure your success with these products:
    • Treat all pets. If you treat some pets, but not others, expect problems.
    • Treat year round. If you treat sporadically, expect problems.
    • Do not apply topical products within 24 hours before or after a bath. They won’t work. Medicated shampoos, human shampoos, & detergents (like dishwashing liquid) will inactivate the products, regardless of when they are used. Use only shampoos labeled for dogs or cats.
    • Most topical products are water resistant. None are really waterproof. If your pet swims often, or you bathe frequently, you will need to apply more often (typically, every two weeks instead of four).
    • The topical products must be applied directly to the skin – not on top of the fur.
    • If you are using the products as outlined above, but still having problems:
      • You may have to try a different product.
      • You may need to dose every two weeks instead of monthly.
      •  Consider having an exterminator treat your home and/or yard.
      • If a product is not working well for you, we will gladly exchange any unused doses, but unfortunately cannot refund for any product that has been used. In the past, the manufacturers have replaced/refunded for used product, but are no longer willing to do so.


  • Currently, we are having the best results with Advantage-Multi® & Trifexis® for dogs & Revolution® for cats. These products also protect against a variety of other parasites, making them the best value.
  • We are seeing the most resistance problems with Frontline (failures).



  • Nothing that is strong enough to control ticks is safe for cats.
  • Frontline® & Wal-Mart’s generic Pet Armour don’t work well or at all for many people.
  • Preventic® Collars will work, but are highly toxic if ingested or chewed on.
  • Seresto® collars work well against fleas and ticks for 8 months. They are not toxic if chewed or swallowed and lasted 6 months on my dogs, even though they swim daily in the summer. The only problem is that some dogs will lose them or pull them off each other.
  • Bravecto® – is a pill that lasts 3 months for fleas and ticks. We have gotten excellent reviews on this product!

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