Feral Cat Information

Feral cats are homeless cats that have reverted to a wild state. They often go unnoticed and contribute heavily to the overpopulation problem. Sterilizing ferals has been shown to have a major impact on the number of cats & kittens killed in shelters & pounds.

They cannot be picked up and handled like a pet cat. They must be trapped in order to be brought in for surgery. We sell traps for $60 plus tax. If the traps are returned within 30 days clean and in good condition, we will gladly buy them back less a $10 charge for sterilization and restocking.

Feral cats can be brought in for surgery without an appointment. We know that you can’t be sure when or if you’ll catch them. Set traps in the evening, as ferals are more active at night. Bring ferals in between 7:30 & 9:00 am, Monday thru Friday. They will usually be ready for pick-up the same evening over 90% of the time, though occasionally we cannot get to them all early enough in the day, and they must be boarded for a fee* overnight. They will need to remain confined until the next morning when they can be released.

We charge only $50 for females and $40 for males. If you are dealing with a large number of ferals, please call – we sometimes have funding available to help with large colonies.

*$15 boarding fee per night. Pick-up time is between 7:30-11:00am the following day.


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