Mar 13

Current Flea & Tick Product Recommendations ** Updated 3-13-14 **

Fleas & Ticks Updated 3-13-14 We all know that fleabites hurt and itch. Imagine having poison ivy and being unable to do anything to relieve the itching. It just isn’t humane to let your pets suffer from fleas. Fleas & ticks cause & carry many diseases: skin & ear problems, tapeworms, anemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted …

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Jan 24

Spay Day 2-25-14 – Results!


Pet Vet World Spay Day 2-25-14 Results   Thank you to everyone that helped and/or participated in our spay day on 2-25-14.  Although it was a hard long day for us, we feel as though it was a great success.  We altered a grand total of 92 cats and dogs, all for low income owners …

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Nov 25

Holiday Reminders for Pet Owners 2013

Holiday Reminders for Pet Owners 2013   The holidays tend to be a very hectic time for all of us.  Therefore, we often get distracted and overlook the needs of our pets.  Here are a few reminders for everyone to keep your pet out of the emergency clinic over the holidays.   Don’t postpone vaccines: …

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Aug 09

Pet Insurance can be a Life Saver

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen several pets with treatable injuries or illnesses.  But they were euthanized, because their owners could not afford expensive medical care. Please, please,  please – consider getting pet insurance before you & your pet end up in this awful spot. Like this:Like Loading…

Aug 09

News about our online store, My Vet Direct

We are sad to announce that effective September 1, 2013 we will no longer be offering an online store.   The increasing fees associated with My Vet Direct, as well as other options, have forced us to discontinue this service.  With our low-cost price structure, we cannot ethically continue to raise prices and/or add additional …

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Apr 16

Interceptor & Sentinel

Interceptor was the best monthly wormer/heartworm preventative for our area, but has not been available for over a year.  We’ve just learned that it will not be coming back. But, the good news, Sentinel is back.  Sentinel is just Interceptor plus Lufeneron – a compound that causes flea eggs not to hatch.  While it may …

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Nov 16

Assistance for Financial Hardship

If you cannot afford to have your female dog or cat spayed, even at our regularly discounted prices, we may be able to assist you. We work with several animal welfare organizations that periodically have assistance funding. We do three procedures each month through the Georgia Department of Agriculture Spay/Neuter license plate program. We also …

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Sep 18

Georgia 5th in Nation in Confirmed Rabies Cases!

2011 Rabies statistics just released. Georgia was 5th in the country, with 340 confirmed cases. Like this:Like Loading…

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Jul 31

New Mobile Pet Vet Inc

We are glad to announce there is now a new mobile version of our site available to those who use their smart phones and tablets to browse our website. The mobile site has all of the functionality of the regular website, just differently formatted for optimal viewing. Whenever you visit our site using your smart …

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Nov 17

New Information About Your Pets Dental Care

Unfortunately, we no longer offer dental cleanings. However, we do work closely with several local veterinarians that do. We will happily refer you to them. We also now offer VetzLife® oral care spray and gel. This is an alternative to a dental cleanings for those patients that are at a high risk of anesthesia or …

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